3 Key Factors To Making Wicca Spells And Magick Work For You!

3 Key Factors To Making Wicca Spells And Magick Work For You!

Expert Author D. W. Greene

Today I would like to share with you some different facts, points and tips on how to be more successful with your magick rituals and wicca spells. I would like to include some different information you may never have heard of before or stuff you already know. Ultimately I wrote this article for your best and greatest cultivation. Whether that be working a full time job or being a great athlete. Magick and wicca can empower you and take you to the highest levels of fulfilling your personal dreams.

Here’s a handful of tips I have learned through out the years I have been practicing and using magick and spells to become my best.

Magickal technique #1 – Meditation –

I cannot stress this highly enough! Meditation brings you much closer to your true real self. The “I” which is beyond your ego is who and what you truly are. When you meditate on a daily basis from 20 to 30 minutes daily you will have much greater reserves of inner strength and inner peace. You will be unshaken by events in daily life that would have made you stressed without having meditated before hand. Let’s also not forget that cultivating your mental abilities is a huge and important factor when using wicca and magick for daily life.

Magickal technique #2 – Question everything.

When you are beginning to learn about magick and wicca you will find that the internet is full of information. Many different people have different ideas on how magick works while others know much more. I suggest that you read as much about wicca and rituals from other authors and teachers of the occult arts. Once you have gained enough knowledge the very next thing you will need to do is question it. Ask yourself, “Does this theory work for me?” If you find that you are gravitating towards a certain type of magick or teacher be sure to question all the information within. Only you can answer the best questions of occultism.

Magickal technique #3 – Practice what you learn.

There is only one way to find out if a certain magicka spell or wiccan ritual will work and that is by trying it out. Many people will spend years studying occultism and magick but never truly get their feet wet by using it or at least trying it. The more you practice the spells while energizing them with faith and will power will bring you results you can’t get from just reading.

I hope these three special techniques help you on your wiccan path!

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