Excerpt from My New Book

Here is an excerpt from my new book –  Just a small teaser 🙂

Excerpt from my new book   “Throughout history, there have been men intent on the domination of other men.  You will find stories dating back to the earliest days of civilization, i.e. Cain vs. Abel, the Palestinians vs the Israelites, the Romans vs the world, etc… it’s just the nature of the human race to do what we need to do to be the best, to rule over those whom we see as lacking.  It is actually not surprising that groups of men have been formed with the sole purpose of creating a collusion within society’s walls bent on controlling others.   It is through this collusion that such vile acts as the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, the Oklahoma City bombing, and 9/11 were made possible.

     In today’s high-tech world, there are two such groups; secret societies within society, whose sole directive is world domination.  Both are secretive, yet well known… mythical yet historical.  Movies have been made about them; books have been written chronicling their exploits.  Yet few have taken their message seriously.  They carry out their directives right under our noses, using misdirection and innuendo as their curtain.  Their choice of media may have changed from handwritten notes, to secret telephone calls to the electronic communication made possible by the invention of devices such as the computer and smartphone, but their message is the same.  

     The time has come that we must make a conscious and concerted effort so as to not allow our minds to be anesthetized by the murmur of others.  It must be by our own volition that the ideologies of such nefarious cultures be subdued and invariably silenced.  It is only by rising up and defending our right to a free society that destructive groups such as the Illuminati and the Freemasons can be stopped.”

— ‘The WardenClyffe Files – The Trump Connection’
By Michelle Hoffmann

If you would be interested in receiving a copy of my book at a deeply discounted price, please leave your name and email address in the comments :).  As soon as I have completed it, I will contact you.

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