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Make EASY Money!

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I Support Joe Biden For President!

Here’s Why I Support Joe Biden For President! We all know that we have to get the fat, orange virus that has infected our democracy out of the White House.  That’s a given.  But to do that, we must all band together in unity.  This...

Public Service Announcement


This is a Public Service Announcement. DO NOT TAKE MEDICAL ADVICE FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! I have seen on the news that he has been pushing for people to take his pet drug – Hydroxychloroquine.  DO NOT take it without talking to...

Staying Sane.

10 11 12 Things to you can do stay sane in an Insane World Here in Central Florida, as in many parts of America, we are now (finally) under a stay-at-home order.  This means, if you didn’t already know, that a person can only go...