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My Resting Place

My Resting Place

My Resting Place I have been thinking a lot about my mortality lately and have come to a decision about what should be done with my body once I am finished with it and have departed for other realms.  I realize that this is usually a private matter, but the reason that I am writing about this publicly, is because...

In memory of Prince

In Memory of Prince

In Memory of Prince Today marks six years since one of the most talented musicians who ever graced this earth passed.  However, he lives on in his music and in the hearts of all who loved him.  RIP Prince.  April 21 will always be your day in my mind. He was always an inspiration to me.  When I was younger,...

My First Fractal Video

Here is  my first attempt at creating a Fractal video.  I know it’s not all that great, but hey… I’m trying 🙂 You can also purchase it as a full .m4v format video NFT on MIntable.  🙂 Michelle Hoffmann ~ Artist and Photographer  

Hawk on Fence

Happy Fourth of July!

I can’t believe it’s already the Fourth of July!  Man, has the year gone by fast… now that it seems everything is opening up again (which I do not agree with, but hey… who am I to say? lol)  I think the pandemic is actually far from over – new variants are going to be popping up because people are...

Welp… It happened :(

Yup, It happened, AGAIN 🙁 My bad luck at choosing hosts has reared it’s ugly head.  My host has literally disappeared… taking my sites with them.  Luckily I had this domain name registered elsewhere, but I wasn’t so lucky with the domain :(.  It has been hijacked.  AND… to top it off – the backups that I had saved...