Happy Fourth of July!

Hawk on Fence

I can’t believe it’s already the Fourth of July!  Man, has the year gone by fast… now that it seems everything is opening up again (which I do not agree with, but hey… who am I to say? lol)  I think the pandemic is actually far from over – new variants are going to be popping up because people are too stubborn and selfish to wear a mask.

But, anyway… I digress.

Here’s a photo that I took this morning from my bedroom window:

Fourth of July

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He was just sitting there, looking around.  I managed to shoot about 10 photos of him before he looked at me and flew off.  Such a beautiful bird!

That’s one thing that I’ve found different since I’ve been here in Florida.  There is so much more active wildlife (at least here at our house).  We have anoles everywhere, hawks, cardinals, woodpeckers, terns and  many others.  It might also help that we live on a lake.   Sure, Wisconsin had a lot of wildlife also, but it seems different.  Like the birds and other animals stayed away from humans more.  Here, it seems that they have adapted and are living in harmony with us.

Maybe it’s just me embracing my inner witch and becoming more awakened.

I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday (if you are American)… if not, have a wonderful Sunday!

Blessed Be! )0(

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