Help out a Disabled/Homeless/Starving Artist


What Color Was The HorseHelp out a Disabled/Homeless/Starving Artist

I would like to ask you, if you could, to take a moment out of your busy day and donate just a small amount to help me and my family?  In August of 2019, I was terminated from my employment because of a back injury.  Because of this, and being unable to work, our landlords forced us out of our apartment.  I have been in the process of applying for disability, but that is taking forever, and without an income, our savings have become depleted.  

Help out a disabled/homeless & starving artist and get a free copy of The Wardenclyffe Files

I am asking for just a small donation (.001 BTC – or, about $10) in exchange for a copy of my new book – Donald J Trump & The WardenClyffe Files.  The book is based on the relationship between Nikola Tesla, his missing files, and John G. Trump – Donald’s uncle.  There is murder, mystery & a conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories laid out within it’s pages.

Also, your donation will go towards getting a place of our own to live and other expenses.  It will also help with any medical bills related to my back.

Blessed Be! 

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