Land of Broken Dreams

Land of Broken DreamsLand of Broken Dreams
By Michelle Hoffmann

Why do we let ourselves be subjugated by imbeciles who think they know what we want, what we need? They sit there and tell us to do this or do that and in the meantime, they are absconding with our resources, getting fat off of our efforts. It’s time to let them know that we are sick of it… we want our lives back.

I say let’s go back to the barter system. You know, the “I’ll do something for you in exchange for something that you have and I need” system? Let’s do things just because they need to be done.

Stop relying on the government.

All government officials seem to be able to do is sit there in their posh offices, looking out of their high rises, sipping their cocktails and read their stock reports about just how rich they are becoming. All while, we the people (remember that phrase?), work our lives away in the hopes that someday perhaps we will be able to do what we want.

Now, I’m not saying that the government doesn’t have its uses. I mean, if we didn’t have it we’d be running amock and society would be in a shambles. But, the government that this country first put into power is not the same government we have today. Over time, our elected officials have decided that they were more important than us “common folk”. Their lives took precedence over everyone else’s. Gone are the days of “for the people”… now it’s “from the people”. Good old George and Abe must be rolling over in their graves… this is not the country that they imagined.

There is a way to get free from the shackles of big business and to stop the monopoly…

Society needs to start supporting the small businesses. You know the ones I am talking about… the little corner store or coffee shop down the street that the little old lady two doors down owns. The service may be slower than at McDonald’s or Rainbow… but you can be sure that it will be given with a smile and a few kind words.

This country was founded by self starters. It’s the “mom and pop” businesses that gave this country its greatness. Now the greed of big business is turning the ‘land of opportunity’ into a cess pool of empty and broken dreams.


Michelle Hoffmann is the owner, editor and publisher of The 24KaratMarketer Ezine at, an online publication that is dedicated to helping marketers, new and experienced, succeed in their online businesses. She is also a mother, writer, photographer, and independent marketer as well as has a Masters degree in Homeland Security & Emergency Management and Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. Yes, she does it all!

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