Last night’s Republican National Convention

Last night's Republican National Convention

Last night’s Republican National Convention, in my opinion, ended up being a total farce. Not only did pResident tRump use the time as a political rally to prop himself up, he also had his employees break the law.  The White House (which, btw… is NOT ‘his” house, as he claimed last night. It is OUR house.  It is the property of the citizens of the United States) cannot be used as a partisan prop by any ONE political party.   In other words – they violated the Hatch Act

The Hatch Act “prohibits civil service employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president and vice president, from engaging in some forms of political activity. (Wikipedia)”.  There were several employees of the federal government in attendance at last night’s republican national convention.

While the The Office of Special Counsel  had previously determined that pResident tRump was not in violation of the Hatch Act – it is blatantly obvious that that determination was made by a politically charged partisan branch of the government working solely for the Republican Party and Donald J. tRump.  As with many other dealings throughout the government recently – it seems that the will of the American people is NOT what they are trying to uphold.

So – It is of my opinion that we should ALL make a complaint to The Office of Special Counsel  reporting this abuse of power by the president and the Republican Party last night (08/27/2020) in using the White House lawn as a partisan prop.

Download the Federal Hatch Act Complaint Form Here

Send in the completed form Here

Maybe if enough of us complain, they will start listening to us and do something to end the reign of terror that this dictator has brought upon us!



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