My Favorite Christmas Memory


My Favorite Christmas Memory

Christmas clipart, Christmas Transparent FREE for download on WebStockReview 2020Thinking back through all of the memories of Christmases past..  all are wonderful memories, however there is one that tops them all.  It was Christmas 1988..  That fall, I had been in an automobile accident which left me first, in a coma for 6 weeks, then being paralyzed from the waist down and to top it off, with a tracheotomy.  The hospital released me to spend Christmas with my family though.

While this was an unexpected happy surprise, it was not the only thing that I would call “miraculous” that happened that Christmas Eve.

I had been sitting on my bed,  reading.  Suddenly, I felt a tingling in my legs and strength seemed to be flowing into them.  I tentatively put my feet on the ground an, while hanging on to the dresser next to the bed, stood up.  This was an “oh my f’ing god!” moment (excuse my french).  Slowly, I made my way to the bedroom door and down the hallway.

When I walked out into the living room, my parents gasped.  They couldn’t believe it!

My friends were coming that evening to take me to a movie… when they got to the house, I was so happy to not have to take the damn wheelchair!   We went to the movie and had a great time.

Now, that isn’t the ONLY thing that makes that night so special…

That night I was awakened by a weird sound – what sounded like jingle bells and hoofs on the roof.  My parents were in bed at the time… “Santa” had already been there… or so I thought… hmmm…  Yeah, yeah… I can hear the laughs… but, I’m serious, I DID hear it!

After the Christmas holiday, I had to return to the hospital.  I still had the trach tube in my throat.  However, now that I was able to walk again, I felt hope again.

That, is my favorite Christmas memory.  Tell me some of yours 🙂

Merry Christmas!

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