My New Book – Published on Amazon!


My New Book: Iceberg!: The (Mis)Adventures of Kjokje, Pjokje, and Pengu! 


[[Chapter One]]

“I’m so glad we came out here camping, grandpa.” said Michael.  “It’s so peaceful.  And the world seems so… clean, up here in the mountains.”

“It sure does! ” Dana and Linda agreed.  “Grandpa, can you tell us a story from when you were a kid?  You tell such awesome stories!”

“Sure, I can!  What would you like to hear about?”  said Grandpa.

“WAY BACK WHEN!!!!” shouted the kids happily.

This is the story of three unlikely friends and their (Mis)Adventures as they fight for survival trying to get home…

Purchase Iceberg!: The (Mis)Adventures of Kjokje, Pjokje, and Pengu! on Amazon!

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