My Story

The nearest hospital ended up not being able to handle our injuries, so we were transported by helicopter to St. Paul, MN – Ramsey Hospital (now Regions).  En route, I have been told that I died but was able to be brought back.

Once at Ramsey, I remained in a coma for approximately 6 weeks (?).  I remember having “dreams” of being cared for by different people, but nothing really remarkable like some people talk about “seeing” while they are in comas.  One “dream” that I had was of my boyfriend asking me if he could borrow my snowmobile for a few days.  Then, when I awoke, I found out that he had actually stolen my snowmobile and crashed it… saying that I had told him thad he could use it.  Weird, huh?

After coming out of the coma, I found myself unable to walk… which I did not believe.  I would actually try to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom… but that didn’t work too well – I ended up in a crumpled heap on the floor and the nurses would have to come and “rescue” me.

In the hospital, I did get to meet Kirby Puckett and Joe Mauer from the Minnesota Twins, and a couple of the players from the Minnesota Timberwolves (I don’t remember which ones.).

It was now mid December, 1988.  I remember it was night time – about 10:00 PM.  I started coughing and could not stop.  The nurse gave me a spray that was supposed to help stop the cough… but it didn’t work.  I kept coughing.  And coughing.