New Segment – Stay Fit!

New Segment – Stay Fit!

In this time of uncertainty, we are all looking for things we can do to stay sane.  There is little we can do about the virus – other than staying at home and taking precautions so that we don’t get sick or get others sick.  Many of us feel as if we have no control over our lives, but this is not exactly true.  You do have control over how you treat yourself – eating right, exercising (both physical and mental), etc.

To keep myself from going crazy, I have started to keep track of what I eat & how much I exercise (and what kind of exercise).  I’ve begun to actually LOOK at the Nutrition facts on labels and counting calories, carbs, sugars, etc.  After you have done it for awhile, it actually begins to get kind of FUN.  Keep challenging yourself to do better each day – see how LOW you can get your numbers (calories, carbs).  Soon you will start noticing small differences in the mirror.

Last month, I had my annual doctor exam.  I had been feeling kind of sluggish and run down, and I noticed that I had regained almost 20 lbs that I had previously lost. I had been on the Keto diet and had lost almost 50 lbs in 8 months. Then, life interfered and our family had to move.  Stress levels became almost unbearable and I stopped following the Keto diet that I had been so faithfully following.   My body started packing on the weight again.

I tried going back to keto again, but this time it didn’t seem that I was able to get myself into Ketosis…

Even though I was consciously trying to keep the carb count down, I was having trouble avoiding them and I just could not lose any weight…  I was exercising but it seemed that I just kept GAINING.  So, I asked the dr if he had any suggestions on how I could start losing some weight.

He told me – cut the calorie count down to 1800 calories per day.  That was all.  No need to exercise at all.  Try that for one month, and if you have not lost any weight, lower that calorie count down to 1500.  Keep checking your weight and, if you still don’t lose, lower the count to 1200.  When you finally start losing weight – THAT is the number of calories your body needs.  Keep the caloric intake down to this level and you will lose weight, he told me.  (I’ve added an easy way to figure out what your base calorie count should be, below)

New Segment - Stay Fit!

If I DO want to exercise, then follow the same plan – just add the exercise, and track how many calories are needed.  Simple.

Today, we are going to start a new segment – Stay Fit.

ReShape Your Upper Arms in 7 Minutes a Day …with Dumbbells

Our first post in this section is going to start you out slow – with an easy exercise which will take ONLY 7 minutes.  The only equipment you will need are dumbbells.  Now, don’t fret if you don’t have any.  You can use milk jugs, cans from your pantry, anything that you can find to lift.  Doesn’t have to be super heavy, either.  Just one or two pounds is all it takes to start.

New Segment - Stay Fit!Reshape Your Upper Arms

After awhile, you can increase the weight.  Just be careful and take it slow.

I have found that using a website (or app) to help you track your progress helps to keep you focused.  The best website that I have found is SparkPeople.

Have fun with it.  You might as well… who knows when things will get back to normal (and they will).  But until then… Stay FIT!

Blessed Be!



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