Open Your Eyes, People!

Open Your EyesOpen Your Eyes, People!
By: Michelle A. Hoffmann

How many times have you checked your inbox and found 20 or so emails advertising the same thing… over and over again. They (the “Gurus”) make it seem like theirs is THE ebook, ecourse, software program of the century and you just ‘can not’ live without it… ‘if you miss it, you’re screwed.’

You might as well turn off you computer and go back to your ‘9am – 5pm J.O.B’ because you’ve just effectively ended your career as a marketer.

Sound familiar? I know it does to me… in fact, it happened to me just this morning. I sat down at my computer, Coffee in one hand and my 13 month old son in the other.

(Ok, so he was sitting in the crook of my arm, not in my hand
– after all… he’s not George Shrinks. LOL)

Anyway, when I opened my email program (for anyone interested, I use Outlook Express), I saw a list of about 12 different emails, from 12 different “Gurus” all spouting about how “great” this software (which will remain nameless) was.

Naturally, I was curious.

Maybe this was something new that I could use to help me build my business! Man, was I excited!

Then… I clicked on the link. Of course it was an ‘Aweber’ link so maybe getting a clue from there was out of the question. Seems ‘Aweber’ has made a comeback… in a big way. Good for them.

As the page loaded (rather slowly too, on my 200G computer which is chock full of software, ebooks and PDFs that were “the next greatest thing” at one time or another) and I realized what exactly it was, my heart sank.

It was simply a rehashed, hyped up, so-called “never before seen” piece of garbage that I had downloaded for free 6 months earlier.
That’s when I decided to sit down and write this article (or ebook, if it turns out to be long enough. lol) I am tired of reading the same thing over and over again (even if it is worded slightly differently).

Every thing that they tell you is ‘newly discovered’, ‘brand new’, ‘never before seen or heard of’, is usually a regurgitated piece, that when it first came out, no one would touch. As I said before, usually it’s just been reworded and reworked to look and sound new.

These people… the so-called “Gurus”, are not bad…

they are not out to rob us, they are just trying to feed THEIR families, like you and I are doing. Admittedly, looking at something from another angle CAN help you see it in a new light.

But tell me… are there REALLY 1,893 (and counting) necessary “secrets to success” out there?

However, when I buy something for $29.95, $97 or $197, I want new, fresh content. I don’t want to spend my hard earned money on something that my 9 year old daughter could have written. No, I take that back… she would do a MUCH better job, make that my 13 month old son.

I want something new. Something original. How about you?

Yeah, yeah… I know what you’re thinking.

“Michelle, if you want something different then YOU do it.”

●Yes, I have ideas for new software – I just don’t have the expertise to create it.

●Yes, I have new ideas on new and different ways to market – I’m working on that.

●Ok,… Yes, I know how to get things done -I’m doing it!

Want to know my solution?
It’s really very simple….


Stop rushing out and buying everything the “Gurus” are selling!

You KNOW KNOW how to market – you do it every day of your life. You are “marketing” to everyone you meet. Maybe not exactly in the same way, but you are.

Think about this for a moment………..

Got it yet?

Every time you meet someone, open your mouth or interact with someone else, you are marketing…….


By running out and getting every little ebook and newest piece of pap …. you are only lining the pockets of those who sell it.

Nothing more.

Here’s to your success!



Michelle Hoffmann is the publisher of the 19 year old online advertising and marketing ezine – The 24KaratMarketer Ezine.  She has also written numerous books and is an accomplished photographer.  Her main website, highlights many of her works.

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