Donald J. Trump & Tesla’s Missing Files


Find out the TRUTH about Donald Trump and his plan for immigration and world domination

We’ve uncovered hidden proof that Nikola Tesla was murdered! But Why? & By Whom?

This is the fictional story based on the missing files of Nikola Tesla and their possible connection to Donald Trump today. Following the lives of Tesla and the Trump family, it offers a glimpse into possible reasons for recent events as well as suggesting that they have been set in motion by certain secret organizations. This is the conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories.

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Donald J. Trump & The WardenClyffe Files

A “Fake News” Exclusive!
Attention Readers!

This report is a real example of “Fake News”.

Please read at your own risk.

Conspiracy Theories

The world is steeped in conspiracy theories – from the assassination of JFK to chem-trails; from Area 51 to Roswell to the Bermuda Triangle; and the Illuminati and their bringing about of a New World Order – and it has been said that the best conspiracy theories are the ones that are intertwined with a smidgen of the truth. The problem that most people seen to have, however, is their inability to discern this truth.

They are pummeled daily with ‘fake news’ – fed to them via TV news reports, online news websites, or newspapers that are backed by organizations who have no interest in reporting the important, real news; their only interest is in spreading propaganda, “false flag operations”, or diversion.

—- “Donald J. Trump & The WardenClyffe Files”


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