Real Home-Made Bavarian Pretzels

Real Home-Made Bavarian Pretzels

Real Home-Made Bavarian PretzelsJust like the ones you’d find in the old country.  Authentic German family recipe!  You won’t find these just anywhere!  My husband comes from Germany (the Bruchsal area, to be exact) and he makes these from his memories of growing up; working in a bake shop with his father, mother, and siblings.  He uses the same recipe that his father used, and his father before him.

These pretzels are delicious reminders of the past.

Homemade Bavarian Pretzel

One of our favorite ways of enjoying these delectable treats is to make sandwiches from them.  Just cut the pretzel in half (so you have a top and bottom), take ham (I like Honey Ham) and cheese (Swiss, Havarti, Monterey Jack, or whatever your choice may be) and insert.  Toast (microwave) them to the desired warmth.


Bavarian Pretzel twistsNow, I cannot give out the exact recipe on HOW the dough is made or the coating ingredients (it’s kind of a family secret)… but here are the basic ingredients if you are a chef/baker and want to try to see if you can puzzle out the technique. LOL

  • flour
  • water
  • sugar
  • salt
  • yeast
  • lard (yes – lard)

Now… Go have fun!



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