Using Candle Magick In Business


If you have ever blown out the candles on a birthday cake, you have performed candle magic. The act of concentrating on the candles, making the wish, and hoping that it will come true are three very powerful ‘magickal principles’ – concentration (blow out the candles), will power (making the wish) and visualization (hoping that it will come true). “

— Excerpt fromĀ ‘Using Candle Magick in Business”

Using Candle Magick in Business

Little Known Tool That Will Maximize Your Marketing!

There is a place for Magick in today’s business world. More and more executives and presidents of companies are using this age old method of bringing success and prosperity to their lives and the lives of those who work for them.

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Using Candle Magick In Business “Candle magick can be used for attracting and attaining wealth, regaining your health, developing psychic powers, overcoming bad habits, for protection against evil, etc.


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