Staying Sane.

Staying Sane.

10 11 12 Things to you can do stay sane in an Insane World

Here in Central Florida, as in many parts of America, we are now (finally) under a stay-at-home order.  This means, if you didn’t already know, that a person can only go out in pubic for necessary reasons.  Now, I hate to say it, but visiting grandma and grandpa or friends is NOT a necessary reason.  While you may feel that it is, just DO NOT DO IT!  Remember, the virus can be transmitted by people who are asymptomatic (not showing symptoms).  You don’t want to unintentionally give CoVid-19 to other people… it’s just not kewl! (sorry, just adding a little humor here)

For some ungodly reason though… some state governors, FL Gov Ron DeSantis (for example), have said that religious services ARE necessary services.  HUH???  What does he think social distancing means?  That is one of the most asinine decisions that has been made regarding this pandemic (and there have been a lot!)  Sorry, but if I have been ordered to stay at home, I am going to STAY AT HOME.  I can do my worshiping there – online or just by myself – there is really no need to gather to worship – God (or whomever you believe in) will hear you!


Staying Sane.

If any of you follow my Twitter feed,  you will notice that I am extremely vocal against Donald J. Trump… he is the most vile, misogynistic, idiotic, egotistical, villianistic, selfish, juvenile; the list goes on and on; man child that has ever held the office of the President of the United States.  His daily “briefings” (if you want to call them that) are nothing short of self-serving, self-promoting, “pat myself on the back”, bombastic “campaign rallies” meant to only divide this country.  He does not care about the American people!  All he and his Republican cronies seem to care about is the economy, the stock market;  their “stuff” (enter George Carlin, stage left).

So it’s up to US, the American people, to do our part in fighting this virus.  Stay at home as much as possible.  Wash your hands!  If you MUST go out, cover your mouth and nose (and eyes, if possible), wear gloves, and stay at LEAST 6 feet away from other people.  Keep the time you are out, to a minimum!  Do not crowd each other!  If everyone does their part, we can slow down the spread of this disease and give hospitals the time that they need, to do what they need to do to tend to the afflicted.

This President is an IDIOT

I just read that the president himself has said that he is NOT going to use a face mask because it will look [stupid].  He doesn’t want to meet foreign dignitaries with a mask on his face.  Ok, so what is he going to do when they show up at meetings with face masks on?  Call them names?  That seems like something he would do.  But hey, that’s just my thinking.  Maybe they will think that he is a great man – brave and unwavering in his masculinity.  <laughter>  You never know.

Ok, this op ed has totally gotten out of control here.  I started this with the intention of providing you with some helpful ideas on things to do to stay sane in an insane world… but somehow I got off on a tangent.  My opinion of the flaming orange idiot that is inhabiting OUR house (along with his grifter family) has taken over and caused me to lost focus.  My apologies.

10 11 12 Things to you can do stay sane

  • Watch TV.  If you don’t have NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or any of the millions (it seems) of other streaming services, GET IT!  It will save your sanity.  You can lose yourself in any number of hundreds of movies or tv shows.
  • Go Swimming.  This will only work if you have a swimming pool at home.  This is what my family has been doing lately.  Of course, if the weather is bad, you can always resort to option #1. lol
  • Learn how to cook.  There are tons of videos and shows that can help you become the next Master Chef!  Who knows, after this blows over, Gordon Ramsay will have much more competition!  Could happen :).
  • Take up a hobby.  Photography, knitting, crocheting, drawing, writing, if you can think of it, you can do it!  And since you can’t go anywhere, you can excel at it! Maybe even use it to bring in some money!
  • Physical Activity.  You don’t need expensive and fancy equipment to stay physically active.  You can use everyday, household items to keep yourself looking good (and feeling good).
  • Catch up with family and friends that you haven’t seen in a LOOOOONG time.  Get on the phone or the computer and reconnect with people that you have been missing.  They are in the same boat as you and are probably feeling just as lonely as you.
  • Check off items from your bucket list (other than travel).  Build that treehouse in the backyard for your kids that you’ve been putting off!  Build that patio out back.  Renovate or remodel your home.
  • Home Improvement.  Finish all of those projects that you’ve been putting off.  You’re going to be “stuck” at home for awhile – make it so that your surroundings bring a sense of peace and solace to your life.
  • Check out all of the How-To videos on YouTube (make-up, outdoor projects).  Watch videos to get ideas for things to do.
  • Listen to Music.  Look up all of your favorite tunes on Pandora, or Spotify, or whatever music streaming service you use.  Music helps to calm your nerves, raise your spirits, and just make things seem better.  It helps get your mind off of what’s happening at the moment and can take you back in time to happier occasions.
  • Learn a new skill.  Have you ever wanted to learn how to do something new?  The computer is a great place to learn new skills – be it computer programming, building a house, fixing a car; whatever you want to learn, you can.
  • Start a Garden.  Being outdoors helps your mental health, and this would give you a way to produce some of your own food so that you can lessen the risk of contracting the virus.  Besides, it is rewarding to know that YOU produced it – it can help make you feel productive, which at a time like this – since most people are under a stay at home order –  can be beneficial.

So, there you have it.

I hope that this list will at least give you some ideas of some things that you (and your family) can do to alleviate the stress of having to shelter-in-place for who knows how many days, weeks, hopefully NOT months, or longer.

Stay safe, my friends!  Remember, we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

If you need to vent, or just want a new friend to talk to, sign up here for free or friend me on Twitter.  I’d love to meet you!  (Just, please – don’t spam me with marketing junk – I have enough of that stuff already.)  Stay safe and stay sane!

If you can think of more that you can add to this list, feel free to comment below.  Let’s build a huge list of things that people can do during this time.

Love you!  Peace!




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