The Emperor’s New Clothes


  The Emperor’s New Clothes

The other day, I decided to post an advertisement in one of the groups that I’m a member of on Facebook. The advertisement was for my book – Donald J Trump & The Wardenclyffe Files . I’m just trying to sell my writings… no politics involved at all.

Today, I get notice that there was a comment on that post, so I went and took a look. The comment was (and I quote…) “Trump 2020, bitch”. After reading that… I decided that I would report that poster for ‘harassment’, since he kept sending me messages in my personal inbox on FB.

The group admin sent me a message saying that they were not going to do anything to reprimand the person just because I supposedly did not like that they approve of Trump. This totally dumbfounded me… The reason that I had reported them was not because they were Pro-Trump… I had reported them for their abusive language. I do not appreciate being called a ‘bitch’ by someone who does not know me and has never met me.

This abusiveness seems to be a recurring theme among those who support Donald Trump. What? Do they see him being abusive and think that they can act the same way with no consequences? Sorry people… this is not a game of “follow the leader”.

No, I do not support Donald Trump and I think that his actions are going to ruin this country. He is a wanna-be-dictator – his actions are much like Adolf Hitler’s were, like Vladimir Putin’s, and like Kim Jong Un’s… he wants to take control of everything – and f*ck everyone else (excuse my french). However, I do not stoop to name calling or reputation bashing. I am more mature than that.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

What I’m noticing is that this is a case of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes‘. Trump has created a fairy tale around himself – he believes that he is great and almighty – Look… he has already called himself “The Chosen One” and is doing what he wants, when he wants regardless of whom he hurts or what the laws permit him to do. And no one can put a stop to his behavior because the Republican party is forcing all of it’s members to “toe the party line”. He is, in effect, becoming a dictator.

The United States, back in 1776, was founded because the people had had enough of the Monarchy back in England. They were being taxed out of existence, they were tired of being religiously persecuted, restricted and repressed and had no freedoms. Is this really what we want to go back to?

Michelle Hoffmann is the owner, editor and publisher of The 24KaratMarketer Ezine, an online publication that is dedicated to helping marketers, new and experienced, succeed in their online businesses. She is also a mother, writer, Chandler, photographer, website designer, IT business owner, Criminal Justice major and Homeland Security & Emergency Management major. Yes, she does it all!


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