Today It’s My Birthday.. :)

Today It's My Birthday.. :)Today It’s My Birthday.. 🙂

— Happy Birthday to me! (sung to the tune of Paul McCartney‘s “They Say it’ Your Birthday”)

To tell you the truth, I really never expected to make it past 30… I was a wild child in my younger years, and did many things that I should not have survived.  Someone was watching out for me, that’s for sure. :).

There were dreams that I had, that never came to fruition (and never will due to physical limitations)… and the situation at hand is not the one that I had hoped for for my later years if I did make it this long. However, the fact that I DID survive this long has given me hope that the future has something great in store for me. (I just wish it would hurry up… the clock IS ticking. LOL)

My birthday wish, other than world peace and climate change reform, is that my candle business, writings, and  other creative works, would allow me the freedom to live life peacefully – not have to worry about where and when the next dollar is coming, I’d love to be able to make life easier for my family and I.  This is my WHY… WHY I keep plugging away at this internet marketing – hoping to actually see some results!  

Thank you for visiting me on my special day… God(dess) Bless!


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