Uses for Candle Magick in Wicca

Uses for Candle Magick in Wicca

Using Candle Magick in Wicca

Uses for Candle Magick in WiccaCandle Magick is a popular form of sympathetic magic. There are many factors that play into the art of candle magic.

The practicer of Candle Magick should always keep the Wiccan Rede – ‘An har to none do what thou wilt” in mind as any type of magick will be returned to you three fold, whether it be positive or negative.

When performing a Wiccan ritual, consecrated white candles should be placed on the alters and at each of the four quarters of a magic circle or on the four points of a pentagram. Colors are important in magick, and Candle Magick is no different. Each color has it’s own vibration, attribute, symbolism and influences.

When you are preparing to cast a spell using Candle Magick in Wicca, rub the chosen candle with oil. At the same time, concentrate on the purpose of the spell. Or, if you don’t have oil available, you can write a spell on the candle and then light it.

I have listed below some colors and the energy vibrations and influences evoked by them. Bright colored candles burned in magickal work wiill enhance the colors’ vibrations.

White: Spiritual truth and strength; purity and purification; meditation; attract benevolent spiritual forces; break curses; feminine principle (in alchemy).

Pink: Love and friendship; harmony; entertaining; morality; domestic tranquility; the sign of Cancer.

Red: Sexuality; strength; physical health and vigor; passion; protection; the signs of Scorpio and Aries; masculine principle (in alchemy).

Orange: Courage; communication; solving of legal problems; concentration; encouragement; the sign of Taurus.

Yellow: Persuasion; confidence and charm; aid to memory and studying; the signs of Virgo and Gemini.

Green: Healing; money and prosperity; luck; fertility; the sign of Sagittarius.

Blue: Psychic and spiritual awareness; peace; prophetic dreams; protection during sleep; the signs of Aquarius and Virgo.

Purple: Ambition; ruling authority; reversing a curse; speeding healing in illness; extra power; the sign of Pisces; lavender for the sign of Libra.

Gold: Protection; enlightenment; masculine principle; the Sun; the sign of Leo.

Silver: Intuition; subconscious; feminine principle; the Moon.

Brown: Protecting pets; solving household problems; attracting help in financial crises; the sign of Capricorn.

Gray: Stalemate; neutrality; cancellation.

Black: Loss; sadness; discord; releasement; negativity.

In angel magic, use colored candles in work with these principal angels:

Haniel -red and pink Michael –gold and yellow Gabriel–white and silver Raphael–green and orange Uriel–ice white and ice blue

If you would like to know more about using Candle Magick in Wicca, I have found the following reading very beneficial:


The Encyclopedia of Dreams: Your dreams are as individual as you are, but most contain universal symbols. Guiley explains the differences between dreams and nightmares, discusses cross-cultural beliefs about dreams, lucid dreaming, and paranormal dream experiences.

The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft : With more than 500 A-to-Z entries, this book provides the most comprehensive treatment ever published on the Craft and its history, from its ancient origins to its modern revival.

Advanced Candle Magick: More Spells and Rituals for Every Purpose (Llewellyn’s Practical Magick Series) The new rituals presented in this book are powerful methods that go beyond simple spells.

Candle Magic For Beginners: The Simplest Magic You Can Do (For Beginners) How to get started using candles for protection, magic, and spiritual growth.

Candle Magic: A Coveted Collection of Spells, Rituals, and Magical Paradigms Phillip Cooper’s book, Candle Magic, shows how to use this age-old energy to train your mind and change your life by the magical glow of candles.


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