Uses for Cat’s Claw in Ritual Magick

Cat's Claw climbing vine

Uses for Cat’s Claw in Ritual Magick

What is Cat’s Claw?

Cat’s Claw has been honored for centuries by native tribes of Peru for its healing abilities and for the good spirits that live within the plant. Known as the sacred herb of the rain forest, Cat’s Claw Bark is used to restore the balance between the physical and the spiritual realms.

Cat's Claw climbing vine

Magickal Attributes:

Gender: Masculine
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire.
Gender: Masculine
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire


Attraction, prosperity, Protection, Psychic powers, vision quests.

Cat's Claw

Cat’s Claw, Una de Gato, Uncaria tomentosa

Uses for Cat’s Claw in Ritual Magick:

Use Cat’s Claw to open your spirit to receive good health, achieve balance, increase one’s psychic powers, and to aid in vision quests during meditation.

Cat’s Claw Seeds:

Cats Claw Seeds

Place your Cat’s Claw seeds into sachets to be used in ritual magick spells for drawing money, etc.


As a frugal witch, when you are finished using the Cat’s Claw for your spells,
instead of destroying it – which is what is usually done with it – do a cleansing
spell on it and put it away with your other tools, to be used again and again.


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