Welp… It happened :(

Yup, It happened, AGAIN 🙁

My bad luck at choosing hosts has reared it’s ugly head.  My host has literally disappeared… taking my sites with them.  Luckily I had this domain name registered elsewhere, but I wasn’t so lucky with the free24karatmarketer.com domain :(.  It has been hijacked.  AND… to top it off – the backups that I had saved from the old sites ended up being corrupted, so I have to recreate the old blog by memory :(.  Sigh…

So, The 24KaratMarketer Ezine is now going to be located at https://24kezine.com (for all of you who do not know already)

It seems like every few years I go through this same ordeal. So, I’m kinda used to it.  Never fear, however… We WILL Persist!  I will NEVER give up! 🙂


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