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Michelle Hoffmann
"I am a 17 year veteran internet marketer! Wow... Time sure flies when you are having fun!"

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Michelle Hoffmann, EzineArticles.com Basic Author

Mystic Waters

"Robots & Broken Dreams : Photography is my passion... Music is my language... Writing is my escape... Creativity is my God! Live and let live is my mantra... An' it harm none... do what thou wilt! I am a flower child trapped in a world made up of robots and broken dreams. The world is my playground... Let's go out and play!"- - - Michelle Hoffmann


My Claim to fame - I'm Wild Bill Hickok's 3rd cousin! Pretty cool, eh?
My Motto- An it harm none, do what thou wilt!

Hello! My name is Michelle Hoffmann and I am the owner/editor and publisher of The 24KaratMarketer Ezine - your guide to home business success. Along with publishing my ezine, I am also a student of nature, photographer, website designer, writer, internet marketer, ezine publisher, criminal justice and HSEM graduate, etc.

When not working on my ezine or other websites, I like to study things as magick, computers, kids, being outdoors, music, egyptology, archaeology, the paramormal, astronomy, astrology, tarot, palm reading, etc... anything that is, like me, out of the ordinary!

I am Professional... I am Eclectic... I am Unique...
I am ME!

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