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Michelle Hoffmann
"I am an 21 year veteran internet marketer! Wow... Time sure flies when you are having fun!"



"Robots & Broken Dreams :
Photography is my passion... Music is my language... Writing is my escape... Creativity is my God! Live and let live is my mantra... An' it harm none... do what thou wilt! I am a flower child trapped in a world made up of robots and broken dreams. The world is my playground... Let's go out and play!"
- - - Michelle Hoffmann


My Claim to fame - I'm Wild Bill Hickok's 3rd cousin! Pretty cool, eh?

Let me introduce myself - I am a cat-loving, nature-worshipping, and life-loving digital artist and photographer, a writer, and a poet. My art mostly centers around nature, magic, and the eclectic. The art I create is unique and original, like me!

My art career started late in life. With a family to raise, it was not until my last child was the only one at home that I began to focus my career on my artwork. To date, I have created over 3000 pieces of digital artwork, and, as my following has grown, I have also begun to branch out into the NFT world. You can find links to my NFTs on my art portfolio website. :)

Each week I post an online art show on my YouTube channel. You can check it out here.

Recently, my family and I were displaced by a group of 'Slumlords' and eventually settled in Florida. Unemployed (and unemployable, due to disabilities), my husband and I have been attempting to bring in an income by utilizing our God-given talents.

My wish is to share them with you :-).

I am Professional... I am Eclectic... I am Unique...
I am ME!

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 Donald J. Trump & The WardenClyffe Files

My book reveals the conspiracy by the Russians to put Trump into the White House! It is a This is a fictional story based on the missing files of Nikola Tesla and their possible connection to Donald Trump today. Following the lives of Tesla and the Trump family, it offers a glimpse into possible reasons for recent events as well as suggesting that they have been set in motion by certain secret organizations. This is the conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories.

Read more here!
#trump #tesla #conspiracytheory
#ElectionInterference #Russia #worlddomination

Iceberg!: The (Mis)Adventures of Kjokje, Pjokje, and Pengu! The story of 3 unlikely friends and their adventures. It addresses the problem of global warming and what we, as humans, can do about it.

#childrensbooks #publishing #globalwarming #climatechange

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