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Candles By Michelle website DOWN :(

How to Make Hemp Candles

How to Make Hemp Candles Now you can learn how to make these all natural soy candles infused with hemp oil The hemp candles from Candles By Michelle are environmentally friendly. They are clean burning, using all natural ingredients and non-toxic materials. https://CandlesByMichelle.com  

Open Your Eyes, People!

Open Your Eyes, People! By: Michelle A. Hoffmann How many times have you checked your inbox and found 20 or so emails advertising the same thing… over and over again. They (the “Gurus”) make it seem like theirs is THE ebook, ecourse, software program of...

ICU poem


One of my poems… I just found it buried in a folder on my hard drive. LOL

The System is Broken!

My husband is German/Canadian – I am American – our son is American. He came to Wisconsin in 2001, went back to Canada and started worked for a trucking company, making runs from Ontario, Canda to the US. We got married in 2004. He continued...