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Poetic Life

Poetic Life

Rise Up One Voice

Rise Up One Voice What have we done? Where will we go? Who are we now? Only time will tell. Our lives are on fire, But no help comes to quell. It’s up to all of us now. To save us from this hell. Anger....

Poetic Life

Grandpa’s Old Housecoat

Grandpa’s Old Housecoat Hanging on it’s hook. Warm and Soft to touch. Comforting. Grandpa’s Old Housecoat Hues of black and grey. On Cold winter’s nights… Warm. Grandpa’s Old Housecoat Oh how much it has seen. If only it could talk History. Grandpa’s Old Housecoat Oh...

Poetic Life

Life Poetic: Divided Together As One

Divided Together As One Though currently divided, we are still one. And as one together, we can and will, overcome. The hate, the anger, the divisiveness we see In the world around us right now, does not need to be. The world is crying out...

ICU poem


One of my poems… I just found it buried in a folder on my hard drive. LOL Hits: 18